The Challenge:
IMM is one of the leading European centres for biomedical research. They make groundbreaking scientific discoveries thanks to a spirit of tireless curiosity, engraved in the company’s tagline - chasing questions. These words trully pervade the whole organization’s culture and are the driving force that moves every collaborator and team.

To close a big and meaningful year, we were asked to recreate this spirit in their Highlights of 2017 book. How do you give shape and form to an intangible force like creativity? And true to the spirit of the organization, how do you refuse to settle on the obvious and keep digging deeper to get to a true breakthrough?

The Idea
The secret to IMM’s success is that they keep digging deeper and deeper into any problem, way past the point where most would settle on an answer. So we decided to recreate this experience in paper.

The cover would have a bold circular element, representing the most iconic element of a scientist’s toolkit: the microscope. In a way, it also represents the rabbithole that is curiosity. Every page from that point onward would be a closer and closer look into different researchers’ outputs .

The Outcome
The Highlights 2017 book ended up becoming a beautiful, visually arresting and thought provoking piece. In an era where the evolution of science communication is rapid and demanding, this work becomes a novel and efficient way to communicate the essence of IMM to the outside world.

At the same time, the design behind it has a sense of timeless elegance that not only communicates the minimalism that has been associated with scientists for centuries but will also serve as a fertile ground for all the Highlight books that will follow.

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